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PCR X51 Bentley 454B  P43472415
Breed leading bull for CHB$ index
Used in NRSP  - Barnitz test herd in MO.



                                              PCR 3X Chief 507C    P43623019                               PCR Redfield 200Z 651D  P43723400
                                                      'heifer bull' supreme                                           outstanding 2018 sire group for us
                                          Enrolled in NRSP at Olsen Ranch


Our new outcross sire  - HHQ 33Z Percy 5E     P43776083



PCR 455B Trooper 816F    (pedigree on 'Bulls for Sale' pg )






















Performance Bull Supreme!!

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PCR 286 MR ADVISOR 502R   P42620083


Advisor has left a dominatinating influence in our small herd; his progeny are easy fleshing and very efficient grass converters.






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